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-Gianna Miceli 
World's Leading Authority On Women Over 40
Born in 1967

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What People Are Saying:

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    Advanced Registered Nurse Practicioner, Iowa City IA

    " Just prior to my 50th birthday I found Gianna's Sexy And Fabulous Over 40 Academy.
    It has been the best decision I have made for myself.

    I have discovered a who new way of eating and viewing food. I have lost about a pound a week and feel amazing.
    I am going to be able to sustain this new way of eating for the rest of my life !"

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    Sexy Married Mother Of Two, Morton Grove IL

    " I feel beautiful, sexy , and confident!  Getting ME back again and loving it!!!!!  Thank you!"

  • Sondra Wright

    Creator of www.FortyPlusAndFabulous.com

    "I love your message. I love your energy. You are absolutely radiating everything that is beautiful about a woman from the inside out.”

This is the ONLY online Academy for Women Over 40!

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  1. What Is Happening Inside Your Over 40 Body That You Cannot Stop From Happening
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  3. The Easiest Way To Get Un-Addicted To Bad Foods And Addicted To Good Foods.
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About Me....

Gianna Miceli is talking about what everyone can't....That women over 40 still want to FEEL sexy and be SEEN as sexy.
She is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, success coach, and leader in this hush hush subject, but after hundreds of client conversations in her beauty chair, this is what women are afraid to say out loud to other women.
Gianna created, Sexy And Fabulous Over 40 after turning 40 and gaining 40 pounds very quickly, and spending many years researching how to combat the hormonal challenges women face after 40, and how to keep disease at bay. 
Her clients all wanted to know her secret to remaining extremely young looking, in shape, turned up, and turned ON, and and it’s grown into an international online Academy showing women the real reason their bodies change after the age of 40 and the ONLY thing they can do about it to increase their confidence and stay healthy.
Using all natural anti-aging and disease prevention solutions, Gianna shows women how to look ten years younger, get to a natural weight, diminish the hormonal symptoms of menopause, and get back to having fun and being sexy again.
Being sexy is being alive inside. It's pursuing your pleasure in life via your career, your interests, your friendships, and attracting loving and respectful partners. 
Gianna lives in Las Vegas and is available for speaking engagements, radio, and television appearances.  She is a former personality on Sirius Radio.  
She is a member of Over 40 Females and on the board of Women In Network for The Social Register of Las Vegas.